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Horizontal Static Lines

Correct Safety’s range of Horizontal Static Lines are designed to enable unrestricted movement to workers, whilst remaining continually attached. The range is easy and practical to use, while also providing maximum protection for up to four users, through stainless steel construction and multiple, secure mounting options.


Horizontal Fall Protection


Horizontal Static Lines

Correct Safety are the specialists when it comes to designing and installing Horizontal Static Lines as part of a complete height safety solution. Static lines offer employees and contractors the maximum possible movement while working at height, without being restricted to a stationary anchor point.

Horizontal static line systems are very easy and practical to use, as workers are able to move about freely and still remain continually attached to a fall restraint system. This safety precaution can be crucial for staff while up on rooftops or any other elevated areas where height safety really matters. 

When to Use Horizontal Fall Protection

Any application in which an employee or contractor is required to carry out work at height, yet still requires freedom of movement can be a situation for using horizontal static lines.


Horizontal Static Lines



This may mean customising a roof-mounted system to suit a particular building, or designing a specific system to suit individual requirements, such as crane runways or even loading docks.

Horizontal static lines supplied by Correct Safety are rated as suitable for up to four people on the line at any time, and provide increased levels of roof edge fall protection. While the static line system provides safety, the convenience of allowing multiple users to access the area simultaneously also improves productivity.

How Horizontal Static Lines Work

Using high quality stainless steel construction, horizontal static lines are low profile lines secured at strategic anchor points, using specifically designed roof safety anchors. Users wearing the correct safety harness gear and associated safety equipment can hook onto the line to provide the height safety they need, yet they’re still able to move around without restriction or unbroken movement along the length of the line using a system traveller.

All height safety systems offered by Correct Safety are created using only the highest-quality materials and componentry. Correct Safety’s fall protection systems are compliant with AS1891 and in line with requirements for OHS laws.

Determining the Correct Static Line System

Before deciding on any form of height safety system, it’s crucial to discuss your particular safety needs and options with one of the specialists at Correct Safety.

Their team of experts are highly trained to ideal roof access points, conduct a thorough risk assessment, and design specific horizontal fall protection systems designed to optimise safety. They can quickly locate and identify any potential fall risks and work towards customising the exact fall roof anchor system to provide the maximum level of safety.  All systems used are guaranteed to comply with Australian Standards and OHS laws, codes of practice and regulations.

To learn more about horizontal static lines and to discuss horizontal fall protection options with a height safety expert, speak with any of the professional specialists at Correct Safety today.


Mount Static Line System